The performance of our team in each activity under the contract.

Here is a standard procedure for the approval of the implementation of the project:

1. After receiving inquiries by phone or mail for a performance at a specified time - check availability and if the term is a free, e-mail sent to the customer the design contract.

2. Customer supplements information in the contract and forward a signed copy to us by e-mail (scan), or regular mail. Best to send the first scan (which will speed up the whole procedure), and regular mail sent at the opportunity.

3. The final deadline for reservation is based on the advance paid. The payment shall be on the bank account. The faster payment is made, the greater certainty concerning the reservation deadline.

4. As agreed within the wedding fun, leading bellwether event contact the customer in order to have the fun details, repertoire (in the case of non-standard ideas), and other proposals.

5. Team arrives to play the wedding in advance so as to advance at a specific time to play. The concert is preceded by a preparatory team of sound, installation of equipment, setting equipment and instruments.

6. Huczna, great fun and unforgettable wedding with our team is in the best until the very end.