There are few places where more than 20 years of our existence has not appeared. Many of them appeared many times, even in some kilkunastokrotnie.

For many years zapewnialiśmy good music on cruise ships. We regularly play concerts abroad: in Finland, Germany, Norway.

Some places where we played weselach for example, no longer exists. Many of the old premises remember with nostalgia, and such names as Maxim, Chemist and marinas, causing the mass of us in our nice memories.

Many of the premises known to us now operates under another name, there is still honor.

Here are a few premises in which appeared:

  • Restauracja Villa Uphagena, Gdańsk
  • Hotel Murat, Reda
  • Restauracja Tequila, Rumia
  • Hotel Merkury, Straszyn
  • Dom Weselno-Imprezowy "Pod Aniołem", Gdańsk
  • Hotel Astor, Jastrzębia Góra
  • Restauracja Malaga, Gdańsk
  • Hotel Gregor, Pszczółki
  • Hotel Orle, Gdańsk-Sobieszewo
  • Restauracja "Złote wesele", Kartuzy
  • Hotel Novotel, Gdańsk
  • Restauracja "Jachtowa" Gdańsk
  • Klub Blue Cafe, Gdańsk